What Internet told me: Geekvana, is it possible?

Time ago I wrote down a quick plain text file with the main “rules” about achieving the “geekvana”, an inner peace state, which I learnt reading posts and posts through years.

Now I am declutting my computer and I want to share my own steps:

  • simplicity
  • dump everything on
  • say no
  • sleep
  • declutter
  • use reminders
  • proactive
  • focus
  • don’t multitask (thinking about your next task or anything that worries you counts)
  • be aware of time
    • less time (restrict yourself)
  • allow interruptions (just handle them gently)
  • pile tasks
    • pick one at random (upon priorities)
  • automate everything (whenever possible)

If you want a better explanation about, ask me, but I recommend you reading first Leo Babauta’s The Power of Less, an awesome book.